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How to test DKIM signature

First of all, please click the following button to get a test email address. Secondly, you can send an email to this email address. Finally, a DKIM report will be generated in a short time.

Please send your email to the following email address:
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Use Gmail to test DKIM

If you have a Gmail account, you can also send test email to your Gmail email address. Then open your email in Gmail web mail, click "show details". If there is "signed-by: your domain", your DKIM signature is ok.

Gmail DKIM

Use Yahoo to test DKIM

If you have a Yahoo account, you can also send your email to your Yahoo email address to test DKIM signature. Then open your email in Yahoo web mail, click "Full Header". If there is "dkim=pass" in your email header, your DKIM signature is ok.

Yahoo DKIM

Test DKIM by uploading email content

If you have an email message file (*.eml) and want to test DKIM/DomainKey signature in the email message, you can test it by uploading the email message content directly.

Please click here to start the test.

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